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My Shaklee Story

Why I Choose Shaklee



I owe it to Shaklee for the journey my life has taken in the nutritional field.  26 years ago, I was very ill.  I also happened to be pregnant with my 3rd child.  It was a time of desperation as I was continuing to decline and my Doctor could do nothing for me.  It was at a breaking point that Shaklee came into my life.  My doctor gave the go ahead to start the Shaklee foundation program, stating “I’ve heard nothing but good about Shaklee and I understand that it’s a safe, quality, time tested product’.  I had such an amazing recovery and healing in my body that it sparked me to study and learn all I could about the workings of the human body.  It amazed me that vitamin supplements could make such an impact.  I had taken vitamins for years, starting as a young child.  My father was the GM for a vitamin company in Canada and it was nothing unusual to take vitamin C if we felt a cold coming on, but nothing had provided the life changing benefits that I felt being on the Shaklee supplements during my pregnancy and beyond. 

After studying nutrition and application of my studies over the next 6 years, my oldest son was tragically diagnosed with a terminal brain cancer at the age of 12.  This of course was a shock to our family and rocked our world.  His Doctors gave him a zero chance of survival with 3-6 months life expectancy.  With conventional treatment a hopeful 12-18 months at best.

We decided on the allopathic road. I treated my son with Shaklee supplements along with a holistic, plant based, whole foods diet.  It was truly amazing the results he had of not only life, but optimal health, strength and energy.  He lived 15 years longer than diagnosed by his Oncologists.  Truly amazing and nothing short of a miracle.  Yes, there were many struggles and challenges over the years, but with the wonderful support of Shaklee nutrition, it helped to provide the extra that was needed while being immune compromised.  We had an oncologist in Vancouver who was filling in for our son’s main Doctor about 3 years into surviving and thriving the terminal cancer ask me what we were doing that was providing these “unexplainable, remarkable results”.  He had never seen anything like it and told us to keep doing what we were doing!  He was the only doctor over all the years to ask us what we were doing.

We travelled to meet with a Doctor on Vancouver Island by the name of Doctor Hoffer.  He was world renowned for his research and work with the Brain and treating schizophrenia and mood disorders with B Vitamin Therapy.  He also specialized in alternative cancer therapies.  I wanted to check with him and make sure that we weren’t missing anything in our sons Life plan.  We were commended on our natural treatment plan using Shaklee supplements and the organic, whole foods diet.  He said there was nothing we needed to add other than to increase Vitamin C.  He was best friends with Dr. Linus Pauling who had won 2 Noble Prizes on his Vitamin C research and orthomolecular medicine (supplementing with vitamins, minerals, EFA’s and amino acids to increase the effectiveness of patient health with cancer).  

The confirmation was timely as just around the same time a radiologist at Children’s hospital told me sternly that I would be killing my son by not following their specific conventional drug protocol.

After completing my certification in Holistic Nutrition I worked with Naturopathic doctors, a top neuro surgeon as his nutritionist and pain specialist, a teacher of nutrition at Sprott Shaw College and also a product and wellness advisor at a Health Food Store.  I have consulted Pediatric nurses, been a guest speaker to many organizations, a published author and have enjoyed many other wonderful ventures in the Health and Wellness Field.

Over the years, I have had the chance to try and experiment with many supplement companies and products. One of the perks of working in a Health Food Store and working with ND’s.  I have kept coming back to Shaklee time and time again as it is the one and only company that I truly see and feel the results! The bonus and peace of mind is the science and published studies backing every product they produce.  It astounds me that I feel healthier and more vibrant in my 50’s then in my 20’s. I was thrilled to see the latest Shaklee study, one of hundreds of published studies that Shaklee has had in medical journals over the past 60 years. This study was on the telomere length of Shaklee users and that they were longer than non Shaklee users.  The longer the Telomere length on the end of our DNA strands, the longer our longevity.  Absolutely amazing and another reason to use Shaklee!